How to hire from Pro Centre

Renting the best photographic equipment in London from Pro Centre is quick and easy, but first you’ll need to set up an account.

If you are just going to need to rent small quantities of equipment from us occasionally, the best option is to open a ‘Pay-As-You-Go Account’, which we can usually set up at short notice.  All we’ll need from you is a completed application form , one proof of personal ID (such as a passport or photo-card driving licence) and two proofs of address in your name (recent utility bills or bank/card statements are ideal).  When you collect your rental order we will take payment for the rental fee in advance, and a deposit for the value of the equipment you’re hiring, which we can take from a credit card belonging to the hirer.  Alternatively, we can deliver the order, providing it’s going to the card holder’s address.   

Photographers and businesses that are likely to use our services more regularly or may want to rent a large quantity of high-value equipment should open a ’30 day Credit Account’.  Please send us a completed application form, proof of ID (a passport or driving licence - this should belong to a Director if the application is from a limited company) and two proofs of address (recent utility bills or bank/card statements).   We will also require trade references from two companies with whom you’ve had a financial relationship (such as other rental companies, suppliers or accountants). This process usually takes a couple of days.  In some circumstances we can accept personal references from existing Pro Centre customers who know you in lieu of trade references.  Once your account is set up you’ll be able to hire equipment without leaving a deposit, and purchase background rolls, hard drives, film and other consumables with payment due within 30 days of receiving your statement at the end of each month - giving you up to 60 days credit.  Credit accounts are only available to UK residents.  

PLCs and government organisations should email  for details, as different criteria apply.